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Summoners War Hack

Free Crystals for everyone , finally! USE GENERATOR >

Instant Unlimited Resources

We have recently found  a bug which will let you get as many crystals as you want. Those enemies will not stand a chance with your new army.

Unlimited Crystals

Yup, our hack is so powerful that it can give you unlimited cystals. Use it first before any of your friends does – so you could actually win! 

No ban ever

We promise that after using our generator, you will not be banned. Unless, of course, you go crazy and generate incredibly high amount.

You can easily see here proofs and screenshots sent by other people. They use it, they’re happy, and they wanna share it with the world. Millions of Crystals. Pretty sure that can bring you all the characters down to their knees, what do you think? Simply click on that button bellow and start generating!

Summoners War 2019 Cheat is made by our team, which made sure it will work with any Apple (iOS), Android, Facebook or even PC computer. You basically only need browser to make it work. There’s lots of messages coming from people similar to you, to provide .aplk or basic .exe file to generate the crystals, which unfortunately we cannot do. Since the game is online only (cloud based), offline generator would do no good. Even if it was able to show you different number of crystals, when you would try to spend it in the shop, it would simply not see the newly generated stuff. That’s why it’s best if you use online version of the hack, which is safe, easy, and fast. Actually , if you’re fast enough, you should be counting your crystals in 10 minutes from now. And that’s without spending a penny! Can you imagine that?  Anyway, check a bit more bellow, there’s instructions on how to use the generator, what kind of security we use and so on. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the exact method we’re using, to avoid copy cats. 

   Be sure that our team always checks on this hack, improvies it and updates, so it would be always up to date. Even if com2u patches the server, we will sure find another way to do this generation. So please, enjoy responsibly! 

   Our professional team were able to hack Summoners War in 2019. That’s really remarkable thing, it’s easy to access on any operating system, works solely from the browser, and can add unlimited amount of Crystals. Please, enjoy, and be sure that your accound will not be banned, ever!


1.  Enter the hack website of Summoners War (you are here already, lol!)

2. Press the big button to access actual Summoners War Hack. It’s recommended way. Also you could download it, but we don’t recommend it.

3. Enter your username or E-mail.

4. Use the slider to select any amount of the crystals you’d like to get.

5.Press the “Generate” button

6. After a few seconds of waiting, it will connect to the main game server and get ready to update your amount of resources.

7. Unfortunately, due to high abuse of the hack, there is human verification system implemented.

8. There, to continue, complete the human form – usually it’s tapping couples times on specific app. To show that you are real human and no robot.

9. Wait a minute for hack to finish up encryption and send the packet.

10. You will receive a notification that Crystals were sucessfuly added to your account.

11.That’s it! Play your beloved game, with much more resources. It’s like cheating but better!

Works on: Androids, Ios devices, PC, facebook

Supported Operating Systems: Desktop / Laptop: all versions of Windows (Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8/10) (x86 / x64), Linux, Macintosh, Other OS

Mobile Devices: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry

Many people are asking what is the human verification system. To put it simply, it lets us detect if the hack is being used by computer and not a human being. There are certain things which computer cannot do without user interaction. For example, if we ask you to download another game app and reach 4th level, there’s not way a computer could do it on its own without providing very specific instructions. Since we keep changing the apps, no computer is ever able to pass the test. But you, since you are a human, that’s so much easier. Your brain works completely differently and you should have no issues at all. Also, remember, we never ask you to pay anything for the use of our hack. There’s nothing to loose if you try. So go ahead! And good luck in the game!

Eric B.

It was incredibly easy to use the hack. At first I had my doubts but after I received all the crystals, my game became so much better!




Hey Guys! Just Wanna Say That This Game is Incredible! It Becomes Even Better When You get Those Crystals With The Hack! Thank you :*~~~