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There’s some questions that Christina (our support girl) gets more often that usual. That’s why we made this FAQ section, so you could get your answes and wouldn’t have to wait until you get human response!

Can I use it more thank once?

You can use this generator as many times as you want, but we suggest only do it once per day. This is to reduce the risk of the ban to minimum.

Can I send crystals to my friends?

Definitely YES! Since our hack works only by knowing user ID, put their ID in the field and let them enjoy, Or you could make them a nice surprise!

Do I need to root my phone before doing this?

In most cases, no. Actually, you don’t even your game to be installed on the phone for it to work. Since we use 3rd party servers to connect to the main game server, game is not necessary. Of course, you could have it so you could check for resources right away.

Will I get banned?

If you follow instructions and only use it once per day, you will NEVER get banned!

I have tried it but still doesn't work.

Make sure you have the correct username ID. Sometimes people mistakenly put their clan ID, phone number or their name. But it has to be your username.

Would it work if I do that on the computer?

Any browser on any device will do it’s job. Yep, our hack is that convenient!